• The Female Gaze: Essential Movies Made by Women

The Female Gaze: Essential Movies Made by Women

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The Female Gaze: Essential Movies Made by Women
de Alicia Malone

286 pp.
Mango, 2022

Alicia Malone's Take on Influential Women in Film!"Once again Alicia Malone champions women filmmakers, opening the floodgates to a great new wave of female voices and creative vision."―Maria Giese, filmmaker and activist#1 Bestseller in Movies & Video Guides & ReviewsWith the success of the Wonder Woman movies and the results following the outcry of the #MeToo movement, now is the time to highlight the female influences in film history previously left unheard! The voices of powerful women in old Hollywood--told. You may have heard the term "male gaze," coined in the 1970s, about how art and entertainment have been influenced by the male's perspective. What about the opposite? Women have been making movies since the very beginning of cinema. In The Female Gaze, Alicia Malone explores the ideas, thoughts, and views we learn from women from behind the scenes. What does the world look like through the "female gaze"?Learn about women who changed the world. Discover brilliantly talented and accomplished women directors, both world renowned and obscure, who have shaped the film industry in ways rarely fully acknowledged. Find mini-essays written by women like Alicia Malone and other diverse female film critics. Featuring past and present films, this behind the scenes guidebook is perfect for the Hollywood history fan in your life.Inside, observe: How female directors' voices shaped films and the film industryThe advancements and accomplishments of influential women in history and filmThe lives of these women and the struggles they faced throughout Hollywood historyIf you liked Women in Art or Camera Man, you'll adore the powerful women in history found in Alicia Malone's The Female Gaze.