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Masterclass Interior Design

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Masterclass Interior Design
Guide to the World's Leading Graduate Schools

ESAD/Escola Superior de Artes e Design is among the 30 Interior Design schools mentioned by FRAME magazine in the new education of its publication Masterclass: Interior Design - Guide to the World’s Leading Graduate Schools, compiling the best MA in Interior Design across the world.

The selection is based on extensive rigorous set of criteria, including the quality of students work, its graduates employability, the success of its alumni, the teaching staff and its reputation in the marketplace. The publication is comprised of a detailed feature on each school, including useful information, the syllabus, application requirements, lecturers, mentors and students lists, students work and interviews with lecturers and students. The articles provide a detailed view of the life in the school and city. It is a crucial tool for choosing the best place worldwide to do a MA in Interior Design.

The FRAME publication is a practical guide to the main MA in Interior Design worldwide, and places the MA in Interior Design from ESAD, coordinated by Maria Milano, next to other renowned schools such as ELISAVA/Barcelona School of Design and Engineering (Spain), Domus Academy (Italy), Olso National Academy of Arts (Norway), Royal College of Art (United Kingdom) ou Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan).

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