• Alter—Journal #4

Alter—Journal #4

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Alter—Journal #4
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Alter-Scapes: The practice of controversy

Under the facade of its monuments, buildings, streets and gardens, Porto keeps traces of the violent Portuguese colonial past. Memory and trauma simmer all over the city, but remain hidden and unquestioned. Paulo Moreira, the editor of this issue of Alter—, together with Lara Isa Costa Ferreira, Nuno Coelho, Isabeli Santiago, Naky Gaglo and the InterStruct Collective make a critical survey of spaces and experiences of tension between the official discourse of the “good colonizer” and the daily life of non-white people.

Paulo Moreira
Contributions by
Lara Isa Costa Ferreira, Nuno Coelho, Isabeli Santiago, Naky Gaglo, InterStruct Collective
Art direction and graphic design

68 pages