• Poorlier Drawn Lines - Reza Farazmand

Poorlier Drawn Lines - Reza Farazmand

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Poorlier Drawn Lines 
Reza Farazmand

160 pages
17.7 x 0.89 x 17.73 cm

Poorlier Drawn Lines is the hilarious third instalment of Reza Farazmand's New York Times bestselling Poorly Drawn Lines series. It follows up his 2017 hit Comics for a Strange World, and takes place in the same bizarre, now utterly beloved universe with Reza's familiar characters. This new collection from the webcomic artist brings his signature snark and poignant observation of these singularly strange and confusing times. In the world of Poorly Drawn Lines, nothing is too weird or too outlandish for parody. Featuring brand-new content alongside some of the most popular comics of the past year, Poorlier Drawn Lines is one not to be missed.