• All of It Singing: New and Selected Poems

All of It Singing: New and Selected Poems

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All of It Singing: New and Selected Poems
Linda Gregg

224 pp
Graywolf Press

Now available in paperback, the award-winning retrospective by Linda Gregg, one of the best poets in America (Gerald Stern) Worlds out of time still exist. Worlds of achievement out of mind and remembering just as the poem lasts. In the concert of being present. -from Arriving Linda Gregg's abiding presence in American poetry for more than thirty years is a testament to the longevity of art and the spirit. All of It Singing collects the ongoing work of Gregg's career in one book, including poetry from her six previous volumes and more than twenty remarkable new poems. All of It Singing received the 2009 Jackson Poetry Prize from Poets & Writers, the 2009 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets, the 2009 William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America, and the 2009 American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation.